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We approach additions one at a time and only build three or four additions each year.  This allows us to concentrate on your project. Our crew of master carpenters and apprentices complete all of the framing, finish and cabinet work.  We provide you with up front cost estimates and a high level of communication throughout the project. This insures that at the end of the project you are not hit with unexpected costs.

Now, not all the work in your addition is performed by our crew ie: electrical, plumbing heating and roofing.  However, the Subs we use have worked with us for years and are locally well known contractors and in fact many have won local awards. We generally find that our customers are so happy with our subs work that they become their contractors of choice to service their home.

The quality of the finished project will be determined by the framing. We use lasers and hyper-accurate levels to assure our walls are plumb, level, square and tie into the existing structure correctly. Since we trim most of the jobs we frame, we always have an eye to the finished project paying close attention to blocking, insisting that the windows and doors are set plumb and level.

Without a doubt, our specialty is trim work. We insist that all of our carpenters maintain a keen eye to detail and quality. Trim can be the Wow in an addition. From five piece custom baseboard to trayed ceilings we are the only carpenters you should call.



When should you call us about your project?  The sooner the better.  Our experience can provide some exciting ideas on how to approach your project. We can outline what you can and can't do relative to what the structure of your house will permit and what local codes will permit.  Let us help with cost estimates right from the beginning.  Too often we see customers waste money on architectural fees for a project way over their budget.  We can work with your Architect and help assure that this does not happen

Need a good architect?  We recommend Terra Studio who we have successfully worked with for years.  We find them responsive to customers needs, with great designs. Both of the pictured additions where designed by Terra Studio.

Photo Gallery of our Additions Projects:


To learn more about how we can help bring your home improvement dreams
to fruition, please give us a call or e-mail us at William@hillmancarpentry.com