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Flooring is the icing on the cake of renovations, restorations and remodeling. A well done floor can make a great addition impressive, and a detailed renovation - breathtaking.

If your present wood flooring is showing the signs of age, there is nothing like a good refinishing to bring its original luster back. Stains, chips, and uneven wear will become a distant memory. Is there an old wood floor yearning to be seen again under that old linoleum? Let us rip it up for you and make your house feel young again!

With our custom milling machine, we can easily repair rotted flooring with wood that matches your existing flooring, eliminating the need to replace the whole floor - which will not only saves you money, but helps retain the historic character of your house.

Flooring resurfacing techniques have come along way over the years. Were at one time sanding of a floor meant your house was all but unlivable till the project was done, today’s floor sanding machines come with hi-efficiency vacuum systems which captures most, if not, all of the dust created, allowing you to continue your live while in one room while we sand another.

In addition, with today’s stains and sealant you can be walking on the floor hours after the applications. Which means we can tackle your house one room at a time, freeing you from the burden of the necessity of quarantining kids or pets.  We recently completed a project were the owners had six cats and three dogs, and other then having to move their food bowls around for a few days, life went on for the pets, although we must admit the dogs seemed to enjoy the activity more then the cats did! 

Hillman Carpentry carries a beautiful array of flooring options guaranteed to add value and sophistication to your home.  We have an extensive line of quality hardwood flooring options to meet the most discerning customers.  We can help you chose the right color, width, and wood as well as suggest interesting boarder and inlay features for your home.

Whether you're looking to refinish just one room, or the whole house, Hillman Carpentry has the experience and know-how to bring old floors back to life!

On this Kitchen remodeling project, the customers wanted to expose the original
100 year old old heart pine  flooring which had been covered 60 years ago with linoleum.
The black spots in front of the stove are burns from a old wood burning stove
that once resided in the house - the very type of 'character ' the owners were hoping to expose.


To learn more about how we can help bring your home improvement dreams
to fruition, please give us a call or e-mail us at William@hillmancarpentry.com