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Restoration is about returning all of the details and highlights to their original state. Intricate details from any historical period or style can be brought back to life. Wood, stonework or plaster can be restored to its original splendor.

Our home restorations will blend seamlessly with the architectural style and period details, while adding the modern convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort that you need today. Turn to the old house experts — Hillman Carpentry— to preserve your home’s historic character, longevity, functionality, and value.

A passion for historic architecture and fine craftsmanship, coupled with state-of-the-art building techniques and custom milling machines means that Hillman Carpentry applies knowledge and skill to ensure that your renovation or addition incorporates modern conveniences while preserving the “look and feel” of your older home.

We enhance the functionality, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home while preserving its historic character. Hillman Carpentry’ expert design and planning helps you incorporate modern systems, appliances, and fixtures. We know how to make a modern layout work in a period home.

We pay special attention to your home’s early period craftsmanship and historic materials. We research and use proven techniques to carefully repair, reuse, or replicate the materials originally used to build your home and extend its longevity. We can restore your home, office or business to its former glory by matching wood, recreating plaster work, replacing moldings or by rebuilding just about anything - inside or out.

One of our specialties is maintaining the integrity of the existing wood already present in a building. We can match the species of wood and then match the color and texture  by treating, aging and preparing the new wood to match the original.  Then using our state-of-the-art custom milling machine, we can recreate or bring back the details on moldings and trim.

We respect your time and property and are responsive to your needs and concerns throughout the project. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision and make your home restoration project run as smoothly as possible

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To learn more about how we can help bring your home improvement dreams
to fruition, please give us a call or e-mail us at William@hillmancarpentry.com