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Do It Yourself Carpentry

Whether your looking to save a little money by doing that long overdue project yourself, or wanting to expand your carpentry skills, doing it yourself can be rewarding, but scary. "What if something goes wrong?" "Will it match the rest of the house?" "We’ll people be able to see I did it - or think a professional did it?"

Over the years, we’ve worked with many homeowners who - had they the skills would have loved to picked up a hammer and joined us as we brought their dream project to reality.

With Hillman Carpentry’s Do It Yourself Consulting, that dream can become a reality for you. Our goal is to help you accomplish your do it yourself project so it looks like the work of a skilled craftsman .

Want to try your hand at installing new flooring? We can help you find the bests deals on flooring, the equipment you’ll need, and help you get the first few boards down right so you can rock and roll. Can’t figure out how to work that final corner of the floor? We’re only be a call away!

Been longing to install crown modeling in your house but have no idea where to begin. We can help you figure out how much molding you’ll need so you don’t waste money and set your tools up for you so you can cut and nail.

Want to tackle bigger projects? We can help you work the maze of building codes to ensure your project is in compliance with building codes. We can help you locate reputable subcontractor, and if necessary, help you interface with them and resolve issues.

Doing it yourself is rewarding. I do my own work and know how enjoyable it is being able to stand back and look at a finished product and say "‘I did that!"

Let us help you reach that goal.

Hillman Carpentry’s Do It Yourself Consulting is available on a hourly, daily, or contract basis. Give us a call and we’ll getting you going.


To learn more about how we can help bring your home improvement dreams
to fruition, please give us a call or e-mail us at William@hillmancarpentry.com